Whether you are a manager of a plant or you have a business of your own there are important things about your premises that you need to understand. One of them is your supply of electricity. It is a fact that electrical energy is an important resource and with the increase in technology, electricity is becoming more and more indispensible. Therefore finding out how you can have an efficient power system will do you a lot of good.

There are various ways that electricity can be transmitted from one point to the other. One of them is the 3 phase power system which will be discussed in this post.

The Basics

Simply put, the concept of a 3 phase power system involves three equal entry points of energy as the name suggests. So when you hear of a single phase system, you know that it is supplied by one entry point. These three points have the same power load. So instead of supplying the energy all at once, like in the single phase system, they supply with equal time intervals between them. As a result, there is a continual supply of electricity to the system.

Since the load is split into three phases, the voltage that runs in the system is lower than in the single phase system. To simplify the explanation, if you have a task to accomplish single-handedly within a given time period, you will need to exert a lot of energy to fulfill that task.

Suppose you get two other people to do the same work with you. If you share the work among the three of you equally, then the amount of energy you will need to accomplish your share of the task will reduce greatly and the work will be achieved within the same time period, right? That is how the 3 phase power system works.

Equipment Required

Although it may seem like the 3 phase power system is more complicated due to its nature and working, the surprising thing is that it requires less equipment for transmission. So it is a more economical option for you especially if you are doing your power installation.

If you already have the single phase power system in your premises, it is possible to convert it into a 3 phase power system. It will require that the load in the single phase system is divided into three equal phases which will then be fed into the 3 phase power system. A converter will make this possible and it should have the ability to store some energy since the voltage within the single phase system can reduce to zero while in the 3 phase system, there is continuous voltage.


There are ways to which you can benefit from having a 3 phase power system. First of all, as already identified, it uses less voltage. That means you will spend less on your energy bills. It is also a safer option due to the low voltage. Another reason why this system is preferred is because it does not experience energy loss in transmission. Therefore it is a more efficient way of consuming the energy.