There is nothing wrong about wanting to renovate your place even if you are living in a strata community. Sometimes, owners find it difficult to proceed with their planned remodeling because they have no idea what their rights and obligations are. You do not have to be scared because all you really need to do is find out what approvals you need for this project. A few of the most important things that you should know to help you get started are provided below.

Motion And By-Law

Motions and by-laws are important. In the perspective of the owner's corporation, a by-law could create clear and transferable rights and obligations and designate maintenance responsibilities to the current and would be owners of the lot in question. Let us take a look at what it could offer to the lot owner’s perspective. If the work was not granted with an approval, the owner's corporation could request the removal of the changes that were made on the common property. An owner also needs a by-law to get a right of exclusive use for the works made. Legal concerns will also be addressed if the by-law was registered and

How To Obtain Them?

To request for an approval, the lot owner needs to submit a few important documents to the owner's corporation. These include information about the proposed renovation along with a report from a professional consultant and draft motions. The owner corporation will go through those details before they make a decision. They also reserve the right to request for more information or ask for a meeting if necessary.

What If You The Work Already Started?

A by-law that would grant the rights for sole use or maybe a special privilege for the works made can be created after the renovation has started. Alterations made to a common property cannot be provided retrospectively. However, there are many available options depending on the situation. It is important to submit all the details to the owner's corporation so the appropriate action could be carried out.

Renovation Ideas

Now, let us discuss some great renovation ideas that you might want to apply to your project. The first one is lighting. You can use reflective light if you want to make your place look bigger. The most common choice is a mirror because it can effectively bound light in your chosen room. However, you can use other reflective surfaces like stainless steel. Using floating furniture design is also a good idea. Having shelves, furniture, and entertainment units that are raised off the floor boards can make a room appear airy and spacious. In terms of the color, opting for monochromatic tones will also make a room look bigger and more open. For the walls and floors, choosing lighter colors or neutral shades can make a room look bright and cozy. Your furniture must also match the hue of your walls so it would complement the shade of the room. It would also make it appear like the furniture vanished into the background.

If you wish to find out more about the latest apartment designs that you can use, you should study the most recent works of successful developers like Joe Nahas and Woods Bagot. You will surely find some great layouts that would inspire you as you plan for your apartment renovation.